Sunday, December 24, 2017

Tooting His Own Horn - and Well.

End of Trump's first term and he is completely in charge of his own narrative.  Brilliant.

He's tooting his own horn and people are hearing it. No President I remember has been able to play the media like Trump. They hate him, yet he uses them. They lie about him, yet he goes around them and delivers the truth. They try to shut him out, but he completely overwhelms them.

I don't know how he came up with his list of 81 accomplishments, but I'm not going to grade him. He impresses me most because he's mastered the mindless American media. He's much better at reaching heartland America than his predecessor.

I believe the Republican Congress is feeling endangered, and they should be, as the mid-terms will likely wash some of them away. Their only hope is to get onboard with Trump's agenda, because Trump can toot a horn louder than anyone.

Naratives are important. Trump's "Make America Great" is much more popular than Obama's, "Hope and Change", "Yes We Can". Americans like a President that puts America first.

I'm still not sure whether or not Trump is a good President. But I gotta give him credit for mastering the forces that ham-strung his predecessors.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fake News

There once was a time when fake news was relegated to the checkout line tabaloids. Headlines such as "Elvis back from the dead with amazing new UFO sex diet"*, told you that what you were about to read, was fake. Everbody knew it, yet those over-priced newspapers sold (and still do).

Fake news is like a Peanut Buster Parfait to a diabetic. The smell of a cigarette to someone struggling to quit. A Crispy Creme to a person on a diet.

Fake news fans the flames of polarization.  I.e. Fake News couldn't survive if we didn't have a desire for it. If we dislike Trump, we're vunerable to Fake News. If we dislike Hillary we're vulnerable to Fake News. If we're struggling with our weight we're vunerable to diet gimmicks.

So how does a person protect themselves from fake news today?  The answer lies in maturity, balance, and biology. Maturity in recognizing our biases and knowing that there are always many sides to a story. Balance by seeking out multiple sources - not just those that fit our bias. Biology in understanding that our minds abhor a vacuum, and our brain will catalog away a lie just as easily the truth to fill the void (doubt it? Ask people what Sara Palin said about seeing Russia and see if they don't repeat Tina Fey's lines from SNL).

The media has largely abdicated their fiduciary responsibility to the public.  Whether this new form of journalism is a protected by the 1st amendment is subject to debate as you could make the argument that it is akin to yelling "FIRE!" in a theater or "ALLAH AKBAR!" aboard a plane. But my point here is that thinking people don't explicitly trust the media.

* Dave Barry, Miami Herald.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Liberal Idiocy and the NFL

I just love how Trump is able to lead the media around by the nose. Political Science students are going to study this for years to come......

The NFL is suffering a ratings slump, an attendance slump and a general interest slump. Along comes an angry black quarterback, (Collin Kapernick), who decides to diss America as a form of protest over a social issue. As of this writing  that angry QB is out of a job, probably a combination of mediocre skills and  image liability.

Once again Trump says what heartland America believes - kneeling for the national anthem is extremely disrespectful.  And professional athletes should behave better. And as if on command by Trump, the media circus begins.

My guess is that pro sports needs a reminder that they are entertainment.  The kind of entertainment that gives the viewer an escape from the soggy-brained programming that fills the airwaves. Dragging divisive, (and mostly mindless ), "Black Lives Matter" into a competition is a downer.

So once again Trump is right. Once again liberals are writhing like vampires in sunlight with disgust.  Once again Trump is leading the media by the nose.

The Trump presidency is on track to be the most interesting ever.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Trump was right - again

Donald Trump had the nerve to say what everybody already knew - the extreme left was also to blame for the violence in Charlottesville.

And of course the liberal darkness took this as an opportunity to attack the President.

Nobody with a working brain, especially not those in Seattle,  Portland, and Berkeley,  would deny the violence perpetrated against free speech by the alt-left and antifa.

Slow summer news cycle for sure. The seething liberal darkness has been unable to wound Trump with the Russian investigations.

I wonder if the left realizes how damaging this is to their causes?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Empire Almost Strikes Back

It has been 7 months since Hillary was defeated yet the sore-losers have yet to get on with life. Trump has had his wins and losses as he conducts the Presidency, while the seething liberal darkness attacks him at every turn.

The Media has been trying to make a sinister Trump-Russian relationship appear by chanting "conspiracy"  while standing around a pentagram of candles. The Media even created a giant circus of non-speak and non-think around the forthcoming testimony of the former FBI director Comey (that Trump sacked). Comey testified, said nothing useful to liberals and the seething liberals slithered back into the shadows.

At some point a rational person has got to ask - "why can't we all just get along?".

The sore-loserman liberals in America slipped a cog when Hillary was defeated. Personally, I think this was worse than when Bush the younger defeated Al Gore in 2000. The media is fast becoming irrelevant and I don't think they get it. After all, they didn't get the 2016 election either.

We have real issues that need addressing. ObamaCare has been repealed by the House, who is working on it's replacement. We need somebody other than those who caused the run-away health-care cost to be working on this. There's a lot of work to do, and Trump is trying to get it done - despite the seething liberal darkness.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

It Is Finished

The election is over. Trump won, Hillary lost. And the Main Stream Media (MSM) was wounded.

Trump did the Obama - brilliant. Now he has gained the White House. Perhaps Republicans nationwide will take notice of how to run a campaign nowadays.

The MSM are writhing like vampires in sunlight trying to explain why they were so completely wrong. The day after saw them blame it on ignorance, racism and misogyny. The point is that they've blamed everyone else - anyone who voted for Trump.

But Trump won the election, so nobody cares what  the MSM says right now as they creep away into the darkness to lick their wounds. Republicans gained the Oval Office, retained Congress and now have 80% of the Governor offices. Clearly both Democrat party and the MSM are out of touch.

The MSM and Democrat Oligarchy jointly because they dismissed the anger of the average American:

  • uncontrolled illegal immigration.
  • the abuse of the H1B system
  • the steep premium increases with the ACA
  • a very weak foreign policy
  • unelected plutocrats seemingly controlling DC
Both the Left and Right were angry for differing reasons, but Republicans stuck with Trump while Democrats ditched Bernie.

The Democrat party because they ran a status quo candidate when voters wanted change. They seemed to be emboldened by a completely wrong MSM and convinced that this country mainly needed a woman President - even one with significant baggage.

But like I said, the election is over. Trump won. The Clinton oligarchy has been defeated. The Republican old guard has been severely wounded. Madonna gave up, celebrities are back-peddling on their promise to leave, and Canada put up signs saying "GO AWAY (please)".

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Doing the Obama

30 years ago nobody would've imagined a Junior Senator, lacking both private  and State governance experience, making it into the White House. But he did. And he did it because his campaign emphasized emotion over substance. Remember "Hope and Change", "Yes We Can"? Oh and by the way, lest we forget: he did it twice. And the last time he whipped a vastly more qualified opponent. I call this "doing the Obama".

I know that Trump is "doing the Obama" to get into office. Trump's a fast learner and he's leveraging what works. The other Republicans either co-opt Trump's approach or they are gone. Trump's approach to campaigning is brilliant.

So what is "doing the Obama" really? It is leveraging the angst of low-information voters. Frankly, today's voters are probably the most ignorant in a couple of generations. Lots of reasons for it: 3rd-world Public Education system, entitlement mentality, Media ignoring their fiduciary responsibility, and the glaring fact that the gyrations in the Oval Office have little impact on everyday life.

So is "doing the Obama" bad?  Not really. After all, as demonstrated by Obama, you can make all sorts of promises and then renege on them once in office. And if the public continues to hold the Office of the President in low esteem, nobody will be shocked.

Trump is a smart businessman with a big ego. He has a good shot at the Presidency, assuming he doesn't self-implode. Whether or not he can be a good President is anyone's guess. But I'm impressed at his campaign, and disappointed in his Republican opposition.

Trump's Wall

The various talking heads of the entertainment side of the media have had a lot of fun with Trump. He's arguably good for their business. He gives them lots of buzz to sell, and in so doing he gets his populist notions aired. Doubt it? Well think of Marco Rubio's approach to uncontrolled Mexican immigration - can you remember anything? Nope? That's because Rubio couldn't get the time of day from the media, and now he is gone.

Trump's wall is a polarizing idea. Why? Because it will work. And that defines the ideological split in America on the subject of immigration. I know there are entertainment talking heads who deride the idea as fundamentally unworkable, but these are not very bright people - they just work for laughs. The Wall most certainly will work.

There are those in America who believe borders are meaningless - we are all "citizens of the world" - to misquote Barack Obama. Conversely there are those who believe America is a sovereign nation, American citizenship should convey special privileges, American citizens should be economically protected, and America should be selective on who we allow in. In my view, this defines the tension in the immigration debate in general.

Much of the wave of popularity Trump is riding is generated by the rising anger of Americans who feel betrayed by the Beltway. President Obama has long since lost his sizzle to thinking people, he no longer commands the bully pulpit. Can you think of Obama's solution to uncontrolled Mexican immigration? Did positive thoughts come to mind?

America has absorbed 12 million unskilled, uneducated, from Latin America - probably the largest foreign aid program ever run under a different name. Made sense to prop up failing Latin American States back in the Reagan years when the Soviet Union was creating proxy states. Doesn't make sense now.

The entry-level job market has been hammered by a gross over-supply of labor. Wages have stagnated for years, causing some jurisdictions to pursue a silly course of mandating "living" minimum wages.

So if you are in ideological agreement with President Obama, the Wall scares you. If you disagree with the President, the Wall is one real solution that doesn't require an act of Congress.