Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Affordable Care Act Explained

Imagine that you go out to dinner at a very large chain restaurant. You order a small steak and enjoy your meal. The bill comes and you're shocked at the $200 charge. You complain to the manager and he comforts you and says "wait a minute". He goes out and charges the other patrons a portion of your bill. Then he hands you a bill for $20. The small steak is still grossly over-priced, and folks who ordered a salad were forced to help pay for your steak. But you're happy.

And that is ObamaCare in a nutshell. It doesn't address cost, it simply spreads the bill over a larger population. Sort of an extension of the "tax & spend" legislative approach.

Now I wonder how many folks got this concept from the media when the Affordable Care Act was being kicked around in the halls of Congress? No, we got information on Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan and other important stuff.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Zimmerman debacle

First, I think it is clear by now that Florida State's Attorney Angela Corey should be removed from office. Her handling of the Zimmerman trial and the Marissa Alexander case (the woman who got 20 years for firing at, but missing her husband) shows that she lacks good judgement.

She should've backed off on the Marissa Alexander case as it was clear that the charges and penalty were unwarranted. I'm not sure what "message" Corey thought she was sending.

She over-charged Zimmerman even though she had insufficient evidence going into the trial. Then at the last moment she added Manslaughter in a blatant ploy to dupe jurors into convicting Zimmerman of something, anything. She was rebuked in her attempt to add child endangerment charges by the presiding Judge. All of this very uncommon. None of it warranted by the evidence. I believe Corey's behavior is the main reason people believe there was pressure from the Obama administration.

But enough about the DA, the trial is over and Zimmerman was acquitted and in now in debt.

The master race baiter Al Sharpton has used the jury verdict as grounds for inciting riots nationwide. I wonder why this master baiter isn't behind bars - inciting to riot is illegal in most states.

I hope the Zimmerman team is successful in suing NBC for the doctored 911 call and various other media outlets for running the photo of the 12yr old Trayvon Martin instead of the real Martin at the time of his death. I believe this has contributed to a large number of really ignorant people thinking Zimmerman shot a child.

What we see nationwide are two camps of people: those who accept the jury's verdict and go on with life and those who can't seem to understand it. I think the latter need counseling.

The aftermath of the trial has shown once again the pitiful results of America's failed education system. There are a lot of really ignorant people out there. The Low Information Voter will be a significant part of American politics for a long time.