Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Cool Power

President Obama was on the Jimmy Fallon show. Normally low ratings because it is on so late and Jimmy isn’t really very funny. But when Jimmy slow jammed the news with President Obama – that segment was an internet hit. 5 million views on YouTube alone. Cool still has power.

Romney has been successful at stripping Obama of substance with the pre-buttal attack (see sidebar video). But substance has always been Obama’s weakness and Obama has overcome that weakness with cool.

In 2008, before the severity of the housing crash had sunk in, the average person was blasted daily with news that Iraq was bad. Now it is 2011, Iraq is forgotten, the nation is mired in massive deficits, a stagnant economy, and our President is in full campaign mode. Voters are not better off than they were 4 years ago. "It's the economy - stupid" and our President is focusing on "cool".

Cool has tremendous power. Cool has the power to entertain and make us feel good in the midst of our problems. Cool is a shot of morphine to a country in pain.

If you have a bad tooth, numbing the pain doesn't fix the tooth. As the video in the sidebar asks, Obama in 2012? Seriously?

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