Monday, August 20, 2012

Selling the Sizzle

President Obama is a very good front man. He has the voice. He has the charm. He has the looks. And he is black in a predominately white America. He was a rock star in the 2008 campaign. He sold "hope & change" to so many, some even quit their lucrative acting jobs (Kal Penn of House MD) to work with Obama to "change the world".

But 4 years later it has become apparent that Obama can't deliver a meal. When Fred Armisen's SNL Obama character announced that he hasn't done jack, he wasn't kidding. Obama lacked leadership on the Affordable Care Act and allowed Congress to wheel and deal to the various special interests. In the end the ACA increased coverage and increased cost. The bill being so repugnant that it required the SCOTUS to sort it out.

America needs real leadership to fix real structural problems. We have a runaway Federal deficit. We haven't had an approved budget for 4 years. Our economy is stagnant. Inflation is picking up. Obama "surged" troops into Afghanistan without a clue as to the end goal and we watch as they come home in coffins. We are NOT better now than in 2008.

 We aren't at war with anyone. The cold war is over, so we don't need to fight proxy wars. China isn't trying to become a super power. North Korea is a silly little land-locked enclave of stupidity that is destined to collapse upon itself. It is pretty clear that Federal spending must be reigned in. The horrific deficits were not due to Medicare or Social Security spending, they were due to Congress throwing money everywhere and continuing to pay for a much larger Federal government than we need.

Truly, anybody but Obama.

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