Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Doing the Obama

30 years ago nobody would've imagined a Junior Senator, lacking both private  and State governance experience, making it into the White House. But he did. And he did it because his campaign emphasized emotion over substance. Remember "Hope and Change", "Yes We Can"? Oh and by the way, lest we forget: he did it twice. And the last time he whipped a vastly more qualified opponent. I call this "doing the Obama".

I know that Trump is "doing the Obama" to get into office. Trump's a fast learner and he's leveraging what works. The other Republicans either co-opt Trump's approach or they are gone. Trump's approach to campaigning is brilliant.

So what is "doing the Obama" really? It is leveraging the angst of low-information voters. Frankly, today's voters are probably the most ignorant in a couple of generations. Lots of reasons for it: 3rd-world Public Education system, entitlement mentality, Media ignoring their fiduciary responsibility, and the glaring fact that the gyrations in the Oval Office have little impact on everyday life.

So is "doing the Obama" bad?  Not really. After all, as demonstrated by Obama, you can make all sorts of promises and then renege on them once in office. And if the public continues to hold the Office of the President in low esteem, nobody will be shocked.

Trump is a smart businessman with a big ego. He has a good shot at the Presidency, assuming he doesn't self-implode. Whether or not he can be a good President is anyone's guess. But I'm impressed at his campaign, and disappointed in his Republican opposition.

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