Thursday, November 10, 2016

It Is Finished

The election is over. Trump won, Hillary lost. And the Main Stream Media (MSM) was wounded.

Trump did the Obama - brilliant. Now he has gained the White House. Perhaps Republicans nationwide will take notice of how to run a campaign nowadays.

The MSM are writhing like vampires in sunlight trying to explain why they were so completely wrong. The day after saw them blame it on ignorance, racism and misogyny. The point is that they've blamed everyone else - anyone who voted for Trump.

But Trump won the election, so nobody cares what  the MSM says right now as they creep away into the darkness to lick their wounds. Republicans gained the Oval Office, retained Congress and now have 80% of the Governor offices. Clearly both Democrat party and the MSM are out of touch.

The MSM and Democrat Oligarchy jointly because they dismissed the anger of the average American:

  • uncontrolled illegal immigration.
  • the abuse of the H1B system
  • the steep premium increases with the ACA
  • a very weak foreign policy
  • unelected plutocrats seemingly controlling DC
Both the Left and Right were angry for differing reasons, but Republicans stuck with Trump while Democrats ditched Bernie.

The Democrat party because they ran a status quo candidate when voters wanted change. They seemed to be emboldened by a completely wrong MSM and convinced that this country mainly needed a woman President - even one with significant baggage.

But like I said, the election is over. Trump won. The Clinton oligarchy has been defeated. The Republican old guard has been severely wounded. Madonna gave up, celebrities are back-peddling on their promise to leave, and Canada put up signs saying "GO AWAY (please)".

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